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Note: newer editions of some of these books are probably available at this point.


Hike 1.  Green Ridge State Forest


Club: Jack and William scouting

Date: 06/02/2002

Parking: good.

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: GreenRidgeStForest_GPS20020602.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: GreenRidgeStForest_GPS20020602_tpo.gpx

Note: Parts of the hike in the valley are very wet.  Several sections on the gravel roads.  Some sections of the ridges are shared with motorcyclists.



Hike 2.  Susquehanna State Park


Club: My scouting, then leading

Date: 12/25/2005; 04/16/2006

Parking: good in 2 starts.  Don't remember the first finish, but the second finish had plenty of parking spots

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: SusquehannaSP_GPS20051225.tpo; SusquehannaSp_GPS20060416.tpo; SusquehannaSP_GPS20090425.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: SusquehannaSP_GPS20051225_tpo.gpx; SusquehannaSp_GPS20060416_tpo.gpx; SusquehannaSP_GPS20090425_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: SusquehannaSP_GPS20051225.gtm; SusquehannaSP_GPS20090425.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: SusquehannaSp_GPS20060416.gdb; SusquehannaSP_GPS20090425.gdb

Universal GPS Format: SusquehannaSP_GPS20090425.gpx;

Photo Album: SusquehannaSP_GPS20051225;  SusquehannaSp_GPS20060416; SusquehannaSP_GPS20090425

Note: One of the best hikes in the Greater DC Area.  Make sure to buy the map at the MD DNR



Hike 3.  Patapsco River: Hilton Area


Club: My scouting

Date: 01/14/2006

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: PatapscoRiver_HiltonArea_GPS20060114.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: PatapscoRiver_HiltonArea_GPS20060114_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: PatapscoRiver_HiltonArea_GPS20060114.gtm

Photo Album: PatapscoRiver_HiltonArea_GPS20060114



Hike 4.† Gunpowder Falls State Park


No elevation profile - I accidentally did not enable the track taking feature in the GPS.  There are lots of waypoints to compensate for that.

Club: Wanderbirds

Date: 01/07/2008

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: GunpowderFallsSP_GPS20080107.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: GunpowderFallsSP_GPS20080107_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: GunpowderFallsSP_GPS20080107.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: GunpowderFallsSP_GPS20080107.gdb



Hike 5.† Fort Duncan, Iron Mine


Club: Jack's trace

Date: 07/15/2008

Parking: don't know

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: FTDuncan_IronMine_GPS20080715JThorsen.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: FTDuncan_IronMine_GPS20080715JThorsen_tpo.gpx

Notes: Remnants of an old fort near the Harpers Ferry off the C&O Canal close to Maryland Heights



Hike 6.† Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary, Point Lookout State Park 


Club: My scouting

Date: 11/27/2008

Parking: good in both places. 

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: BattleCreekCypressSwampSanctuary_PtLookoutStPk_GPS20081127.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: BattleCreekCypressSwampSanctuary_PtLookoutStPk_GPS20081127_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: BattleCreekCypressSwampSanctuary_PtLookoutStPk_GPS20081127.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: BattleCreekCypressSwampSanctuary_PtLookoutStPk_GPS20081127.gdb

Universal GPS Format: BattleCreekCypressSwampSanctuary_PtLookoutStPk_GPS20081127.gpx

Photo Album: PtLookout_20091231\PtLookout_20091231

Notes: I didn't put the elevation profile for the Pt. Lookout Park, since it's tiny.  Both hikes are primarily for the ocean and cypress view, not for the long walks.  Close to the entrance to the Pt. Lookout Park, make sure to stop at the 2 monuments of the Confederate Soldiers, who died at the prison camp there during the Civil War.

Warnings: Make sure to check the operation hours for the Cypress Swamp - they close the gates early and are not opened every day (it's a Calvert Cliffs County Park).



Hike 7.† Antietam  National Battlefield


Club: Mike Darzi leading for the Sierra Pro

Date: 12/06/2008

Parking: good.

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: AntietamNatBattlefield_GPS20081206.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: AntietamNatBattlefield_GPS20081206_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: AntietamNatBattlefield_GPS20081206.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: AntietamNatBattlefield_GPS20081206.gdb

Universal GPS Format: AntietamNatBattlefield_GPS20081206.gpx

Photo Album: AntietamNatBattlefield_GPS20081206;  AntietamNatBattlefield_PotomacNearHarpersFerry_Moon_20100924

Notes: it's best to do this hike on the same weekend, since it is the annual commemoration of the battle.  In the evening volunteers light up thousands of candles along the paved streets of the battlefield to remind us of the casualties of this battle.  Cars can drive through these candles.  Moreover the battlefield is not crowded in December.


Hike 8.† Deal Island


Club: Paul Ray Leading for the AMC-DC

Date: 02/15/2009

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: DealIsland_GPS20090215.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: DealIsland_GPS20090215_tpo.gpx

Description File: DealIsland_GPS20090215PaulRay.doc - Paul Ray's Description of the trip

GPS TrackMaker Trace: DealIsland_GPS20090215.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: DealIsland_GPS20090215.gdb

Universal GPS Format: DealIsland_GPS20090215.gpx

Photo Album: DealIsland_GPS20090215

Notes: It's an annual hike to Delmarva's public land.  You always walk on a wide packed dirt or gravel road.  I didn't see much flora or fauna.



Hike 9. Ladew Topiary Gardens


Club: My scouting

Date: 05/10/2009

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: LadewTopiaryGardens_GPS20090510.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: LadewTopiaryGardens_GPS20090510_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: LadewTopiaryGardens_GPS20090510_tpo.gpx

Photo Album: LadewTopiaryGardens_GPS20090510

Notes: A very pretty place - huge garden with flowers and trees from all over the world, topiary garden (less impressive), and the mansion with a spectacular room (take a tour).  Great place to visit with children and family.  Good for picnicking.



Hike 10. SERC Land



Club: Paul Fofanoff leading for AMC-DC

Date: 08/01/2009

Parking: good in both places

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: SERCLand_GPS20090801.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: SERCLand_GPS20090801_tpo.gpx

Description File: SERCLand_GPS20090801.doc

GPS TrackMaker Trace: SERCLand_GPS20090801.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: SERCLand_GPS20090801.gdb

Universal GPS Format: SERCLand_GPS20090801gtm.gpx

Photo Album: SERCLand_GPS20090801

Notes: This place is research land and not opened to public.  Paul, leads trips there annually with permission from the SERC where he works.  This trip is half hike, half - optional canoe trip (canoes provided by SERC - all free).  Paul also gives a lecture on what SERC is researching.  The second elevation profile shows inaccuracies of the Digital Elevation Model used by Topo!, since we were on the water in canoes, and the profile should have been all flat.


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