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Note: newer editions of these books are probably available at this point.


Hike 1.  Old Anglers Inn - Great Falls


Club: Capital Club with Mark Tune leading.  Later - my scouting

Date: 03/14/2003; 03/18/2007

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_MoonlightHike_GPS20030314.tpo; OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_GPS20070318.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_MoonlightHike_GPS20030314_tpo.gpx; OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_GPS20070318_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_MoonlightHike_GPS20030314.gtm; OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_GPS20070318.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_GPS20070318.gdb

Google Earth Trace: OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_GPS20070318.kmz

Photo Album: OldAnglersInn_GreatFalls_GPS20070318; CAndOCanal_MoonlightHikeToTheGreatFalls_20101119

Note: Great Falls in the Moonlight are amazing.  Capital Club does this hike periodically.  Don't miss.



Hike 2.  Brighton Dam: Azalea Garden - Rachel Carson Conservation Park


Club: My scouting

Date: 05/29/2005

Parking: both good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_RachelCarsonCP_GPS20050529.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_RachelCarsonCP_GPS20050529_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_RachelCarsonCP_GPS20050529.gtm

Note: No elevation profile for the Azalea Garden, since it's relatively small



Hike 3.  Rachel Carson Conservation Park


Club: My scouting.

Date: 09/24/2006

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20060924.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20060924_tpo.gpx

Description File: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20060924.doc

GPS TrackMaker Trace: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20060924.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20060924.gdb

Photo Album: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20060924



Hike 4.  Little Seneca Lake and Boyd's


Club: MWROP, Paul Elliott leading

Date: 05/15/2007

Parking: good.

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: LittleSenecaLake_Boyds_GPS20070515.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: LittleSenecaLake_Boyds_GPS20070515.tpo

GPS TrackMaker Trace: LittleSenecaLake_Boyds_GPS20070515.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: LittleSenecaLake_Boyds_GPS20070515.gdb

Google Earth Trace: LittleSenecaLake_Boyds_GPS20070515.kmz

Photo Album: LittleSenecaLake_Boyds_GPS20070515



Hike 5.  Great Falls - Gold Mine Loop


Club: I believe it was the Center Club.

Date: 01/03/2009

Parking: on the curb of the River Road

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: GreatFalls_GoldMineLoop_GPS20090103.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: GreatFallsMD_GoldMineLoop_BillyGoatTrA_GPS20100221_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: GreatFalls_GoldMineLoop_GPS20090103.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: GreatFalls_GoldMineLoop_GPS20090103.gdb

Universal GPS Format: GreatFalls_GoldMineLoop_GPS20090103.gpx

Photo Album: GreatFalls_GoldMineLoop_GPS20090103

Notes: There is actually a little bit of gold in this area - not enough to make it commercially viable though.


Hike 6.  Croydon Creek


Club: My Scouting

Date: 04/17/2009

Parking: good, near the nature center.

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: CroydonCreek_GPS20090417.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: CroydonCreek_GPS20090417_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: CroydonCreek_GPS20090417.gtm

Universal GPS Format: CroydonCreek_GPS20090417.gpx

Notes: Nice little park belonging to the city of Rockville near the Glenview Mansion, Fitzgerald Theater, 2 Cemeteries, and the Rock Creek Park.  Has house ruins, an overlook, several bridges.  Several hills


Hike 7.  Croydon Creek


Club: My Scouting

Date: 09/23/2009

Parking: good, near the nature center.

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: CroydonCreek_GPS20090923.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: CroydonCreek_GPS20090923_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: CroydonCreek_GPS20090923.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: CroydonCreek_GPS20090923.gdb


Hike 8.  Brighton Dam: Azalea Garden, Triadelphia Reservoir


Club: My Scouting

Date: 05/09/2009

Parking: Both places good parking.  3d place there was no parking and the trail was closed so we retraced.  On the second parking there is a boat launch.

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_TriadelphiaReservoir_GPS20090509.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_TriadelphiaReservoir_GPS20090509_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_TriadelphiaReservoir_GPS20090509.gtm

Photo Album: BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_TriadelphiaReservoir_GPS20090509;  BrightonDamAzaleaGarden_20100429

Notes: Azalea garden when azaleas are in bloom is one of the prettiest places around


Hike 9.  Agricultural History Farm


Club: My Scouting

Date: 10/01/2009

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: AgriculturalHistoryFarm_GPS20091001.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: AgriculturalHistoryFarm_GPS20091001_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: AgriculturalHistoryFarm_GPS20091001.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: AgriculturalHistoryFarm_GPS20091001.gdb

Photo Album: AgriculturalHistoryFarm_GPS20091001

Notes: there is an old museum of farming equipment on the property.


Hike 10.  Patuxent River State Park East


Club: My scouting with Misha.

Date: 01/09/2010

Parking: Good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: PatuxentRiverSPEast_GPS20100109.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: PatuxentRiverSPEast_GPS20100109_tpo.gpx

Description File: PatuxentRiverSPEast_GPS20100109.docx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: PatuxentRiverSPEast_GPS20100109.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: PatuxentRiverSPEast_GPS20100109.gdb

Photo Album: PatuxentRiverSPEast_GPS20100109

Notes: there are a several Patuxent State Parks in different counties in MD.  This one is North-West of the Triadelphia Reservoir in the headwaters of the Patuxent River.

Warnings: Lots of hunting.

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