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Note: newer editions of these books are probably available at this point.


Hike 1.  Great Falls,  Maryland, Gold Mine Loop, Billy Goat Trail - Section A


Club: Jim leading for Meetup

Date: 02/21/2010

Parking: on the other side of the Old Angler's Inn.  Lots of parking.

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: GreatFallsMD_GoldMineLoop_BillyGoatTrA_GPS20100221.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: GreatFallsMD_GoldMineLoop_BillyGoatTrA_GPS20100221_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: GreatFallsMD_GoldMineLoop_BillyGoatTrA_GPS20100221.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: GreatFallsMD_GoldMineLoop_BillyGoatTrA_GPS20100221.gdb

Universal GPS Format: GreatFalls_GoldMineLoop_GPS20090103.gpx

Photo Album: GreatFallsMD_GoldMineLoop_BillyGoatTrA_GPS20100221

Notes: in snow consider snowshoes for the Gold Mine Loop and the C&O Canal.

Warnings: don't do Billy Goat Trail Loop A in high water or snow - the trail will be closed and it will be dangerous to do it anyway.


Hike 2.  Rachel Carson Conservation Park_GPS20100404


Club: my scouting

Date: 04/04/2010

Parking: great

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404_tpo.gpx

Description File: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404.docx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404.gdb

Universal GPS Format: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404.gpx

Photo Album: RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404\RachelCarsonCP_GPS20100404



Hike 3.  Blue Marsh Trail System


Club: my scouting with Pasha

Date: 07/10/2010

Parking: good in both places

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: BlueMarshTrailSystem_GPS20100710.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: BlockhousePt_StupaPk_GPS10110130_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: BlueMarshTrailSystem_GPS20100710.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: BlueMarshTrailSystem_GPS20100710.gdb

Universal GPS Format: BlueMarshTrailSystem_GPS20100710.gpx

Warnings: areas are grassy.  There may be ticks and mosquitoes.



Hike 4.  Little Bennett Regional Park


Club: my scouting with Ryan

Date: 11/10/2011

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: LittleBennettRP_GPS20101110.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: LittleBennettRP_GPS20101110_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: LittleBennettRP_GPS20101110.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: LittleBennettRP_GPS20101110.gdb

Universal GPS Format: LittleBennettRP_GPS20101110.gpx

Photo Album: LittleBennettRP_GPS20101110

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