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Note: Hikes in this section are sorted by date and then by area.


Hike 1.  Fairfax Cross County Trail (CCT) Marathon



Club: Chris Nolen and Tuesday Group Hikers

Date: 03/18/2003; 03/16/2004

Parking: don't know

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: CCTMarathon_GPS20030318CNolen.tpo; CCTMarathon_GPS20040316CNolen.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: CCTMarathon_GPS20030318CNolen_tpo.gpx; CCTMarathon_GPS20040316CNolen_tpo.gpx

Description File: CCTMarathon_GPS20040316CNolen.doc



Hike 2.  Manassas National Battlefield Park 1



Club: my scouting

Date: 10/12/2003

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20031012.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20031012_tpo.gpx

Description File: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20031012.doc

GPS TrackMaker Trace: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20031012.gtm


Hike 3.  Manassas National Battlefield Park 2




Club: Jack's Trace

Date: 04/06/2005

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20050406JThorsen.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20050406JThorsen_tpo.gpx


Hike 4.  Manassas National Battlefield Park 3



Club: Mike Fischetti leading for the Northern Virginia Hiking Club

Date: 08/05/2006

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20060805.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20060805_tpo.gpx

GPS TrackMaker Trace: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20060805.gtm

Garmin MapSource Trace: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20060805.gdb

Photo Album: ManassasNatBattlefieldPk_GPS20060805

Notes: We saw a pretty cool Civil War reenactment.  Nice views, different terrain, different trees, very good hike.

Warnings: Absolutely don't do this hike this time of the year, preferably do it when the insects aren't out.  We got severely bitten by flies, even though I had long pants and long sleeve shirt sprayed with 30% DEET!


Hike 5.  Algonkian River Park - River Bend Regional Park



Club: Chris Nolen And Tuesday Group Hikers.  Jack's trace

Date: 02/23/2005; 04/10/2005; 05/31/2005

Parking: don't know

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: AlgonkianRP_RiverBendRP_GPS20050223Merged_CNolen.tpo; AlgonkianRP_RiverBendRP_GPS20050410CNolen.tpo; AlgonkianRP_RiverBendRP_GPS20060531Merged_JThorsen.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: AlgonkianRP_RiverBendRP_GPS20050223Merged_CNolen_tpo.gpx; AlgonkianRP_RiverBendRP_GPS20050410CNolen_tpo.gpx; AlgonkianRP_RiverBendRP_GPS20060531Merged_JThorsen_tpo.gpx

Notes: Whole trail is along the Potomac River above the Great Falls


Hike 6.  Scotts Run Nature Preserve



Club: my scouting

Date: 01/07/2006

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: ScottsRunNaturePreserve_GPS20060107.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: ScottsRunNaturePreserve_GPS20060107_tpo.gpx

Description File: ScottsRunNaturePreserve_GPS20060107.doc

GPS TrackMaker Trace: ScottsRunNaturePreserve_GPS20060107.gtm

Photo Album: ScottsRunNaturePreserve_GPS20060107

Notes: nice place near DC below the Great Falls


Hike 7.  Prince William Forest



Club: Jack's trace

Date: 10/27/2006

Parking: don't know

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: PrinceWilliamForest_GPS20061027Merged_JThorsen.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: PrinceWilliamForest_GPS20061027Merged_JThorsen_tpo.gpx


Hike 8.  Bull Run Mountain Conservancy



Club: Mike Juskelis leading for the Sierra Club Howard Co.

Date: 12/08/2007

Parking: good

Topo! Mid-Atlantic Trace: BullRunMtnConservancy_GPS20071208MJuskelisAndMe.tpo

Universal GPX format from Topo!: BullRunMtnConservancy_GPS20071208MJuskelisAndMe_tpo.gpx

Description File: BullRunMtnConservancy_GPS20071208MJuskelisAndMe.doc

Garmin MapSource Trace: BullRunMtnConservancy_GPS20071208.gdb

Photo Album: BullRunMtnConservancy_GPS20071208

Notes: My GPS wasn't working well, so the trace almost got lost.  Very interesting area from historical perspective.  Good views. Some of the most eastern ridges there.



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